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This series explored the status of black women and girls in the United States, lifting their voices and stories to find solutions to social injustice. Copresented with the African American Policy Forum. Three historians discuss the past and present of race relations in the United States. Re-watch one of our most popular programs. This digital archive of the — exhibition examines the legacy of African-American artists in L.

Watch this program with Sister Simone Campbell who discussed the resurgence of social justice issues in the Catholic Church. Image: Charles White, Love Letter 1 , Photo by Ed Glendinning.

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Photo: Jeff McLane. Sat 11am. Stay in the know with emails from the Hammer.

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Sep 29, —Jan 5, Lari Pittman Exhibition Opening Celebration Saturday Sep 28, pm Free and open to the public, with food trucks, cash bar, and live music all night. Hammer Store Books and products that celebrate the fine artistry, excellent design, and exceptional craftsmanship. Audrey at the Hammer Our new restaurant is ideal for a sit-down dinner or casual cocktails and a light daytime meal.

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Burlington's by-laws and enforcement culture have not yet caught up with the supportive rhetoric coming from the city's political leadership. If the City can't even maintain a rainbow crosswalk from defacement, there's not much hope for rebuilding the badly damaged relationships that currently exist between city leadership and communities threatened by right-wing extremism. Burlington residents are abusing the lot maintenance by-law to harass and bully neighbours embracing ecological landscaping to create naturalized areas.

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Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 04, Canada's Yellow Vest movement feeds off some of the same anti-elite and anti-urban identity sentiments as the Gilet Jaune movement in France. We cannot afford for our daily newspaper to play any role, however inadvertent, in the creeping normalization of violent extremist ideology.

What needs changing is the way we as a province conceive of education and educators.

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We all-too-often value the appearance of success over actual mastery. This new feature film, co-written by Charly Chiarelli, is a delightful story made up of a surprising number of layers.

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The radical, extremist right are desperate to gain power by hijacking conservative politics and migrating into the mainstream. It's already happening, right before our eyes. Music is frequently accepted as a common language, and the presence of the Love in the Hammer Choir speaks volumes.