Someone to Watch Over Me (Thora Gudmundsdottir Series, Book 5)

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Thora Gudmundsdottir Book 5

He had chosen the little girl, though she was a perfect stranger to him. Ideally, she would have preferred them to sit on opposite sides of bulletproof glass. He's been here for nearly ten years without hurting anyone. There are no animals here now, because of how the most acutely ill inmates reacted to them. But of course we are in the countryside, and animals from the nearby farms do sometimes wander into the grounds.

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The last thing she wanted was to end up too close to him. She decided to stand there until the man came in, having read a long time ago about the importance of standing when wishing to gain the upper hand. The person sitting was forced to look up at the other, which—so the theory ran—tipped the balance of power.

Refusing to meet her eye, he accepted her invitation with the same sarcastic smile as before, choosing the sofa across from her chair. She followed his example and sat. He appeared to have dark hair, but it could have been the gel or wax he'd applied making it look darker than it was. It looked almost as though he'd just been swimming, and in one place the clear substance had run down his cheek, leaving a shiny streak on his bony, rat-like face.

He still hadn't looked directly at her. Although the question was courteous, his tone was faintly mocking. They wanted to put us in a meeting room, but I thought it was too formal so I asked if we could meet here. Naturally, I would prefer it if you just told me.

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I've never been able to figure that out. Is that right? I'm not too sure. Numbers and I don't mix. They lay traps for me, then I fall in and can't get out.

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Iceland's answer to Stieg Larsson. And brilliant. Added to basket.

Someone to Watch Over Me - eBook -

Ian Rankin. The Stone Circle. Elly Griffiths. Past Tense. Lee Child. The Chestnut Man. Soren Sveistrup. The Clockmaker's Daughter. Kate Morton. Thora is more than a lawyer, she becomes a caring member of the family, and she will not stop until the mystery of what occurred on this ship has been solved. There is an air of something unreal in this storyline. The atmosphere of malevolence, sadness, curiosity, and helplessness seems to pervade the air.

The writing is fresh and unusual. Each character represents themselves in parts of the storyline, and the two young daughters captured my heart. Loving parents, a crew who resents the family, and a large yacht that seems to have ghosts. This is a novel quite like none other, that does complete the mystery.

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  7. This book is almost overwhelming in how compelling and involving it is. She writes clear, entertaining and informative prose. Vivid characters. The guy I assumed was the "mastermind"? Washed up on shore. This bravely unique novel consists of two intertwined narratives. I found one of the narratives more compelling than the other,. But, I skimmed. And, I came to regret it. This one, not terribly important "complaint", is that Ms. Delivered by the book's primary investigator who is not an actual detective.

    But, THIS author?


    It was just What her artistic mind, heart, and soul told her, either consciously or "un", to do. It felt to me as if the "how she found OUT about everything" chapter was missing. All these astoundingly complex and, likely, unknowable details, the who's and why's and when's.

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    But, where did she GET them? She often says; "It appears that I dunno I went back and re-read both the penultimate chapter, as well as the gloriously twisty, seemingly miraculous, as often wrong as right, explanation-monologue. One thing this author obviously refuses to do is cater to readers who might prefer a happy turn of events with which to conclude a delightful, engaging, uniquely brilliant book.

    We DO care very deeply for her characters. Some believe that because "the real world" offers so few fortuitous surprises, art, to be taken "seriously", must reflect this lack of good fortune.

    Someone to Watch Over Me (Thóra Gudmundsdóttir Series #5)

    Every time. Why is that? I happen to find this POV profoundly limiting. Anyhoo, the author's decision not to "toss us a few crumbs" at the end?