Power and transnational activism

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And what are the most effective political forms to find civic agency in this new context?

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Nation-states are not disappearing as some globalisation theorists may have suggested in other decades, but neither are they the best political forms for our future. Fearing our collective incapacity to solve global challenges, citizens retract to the known container of the nation-state; but this only makes the problem worse. What comes after nation-states and how do we get there?

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This is the question the School of Transnational Activism is aiming to answer. Would you like to be part of it?

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  7. How can we understand the power of transnational activist networks in terms of discursive or communicative power? How can we differentiate between different levels and aspects of democracy in this respect?

    Transnational Activism in Asia : Problems of power and democracy

    To what extent can transnational activism promote transnational democracy? What about internal democracy and problems of inequality within transnational activist networks?

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    We also clarify the different types of actors involved in transnational activism. Drawing on the chapters in the present book and previous research, we offer an elaboration of what a power perspective and a focus on problems of democracy can contribute to our understanding of transnational activism. Finally, we contextualize the conceptual discussion with the situation in East and Southeast Asia.

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    Synopsis This book provides new perspectives on transnational activism with a specific regional focus on Asia.