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From the black-letter edition, after the Madrid edition. The History of the great and mighty Kingdom of China.

Collection Number: 14-25-1529

Pages 8, Collated with an unpublished manuscript of Francis Fletcher, chaplain to the expedition. Translated and Edited by the Earl of Ellesmere. Pages 4 , xv, vi, The first is from the , Paris, edition; the narrative of Father Pereira's journey and the text of two letters by Father Verbiest are from the , Amsterdam, edition. Edited by Adam White , Esq.

The first is from an English collection published in ; the second from the Relation du Groenland , Paris, ; the third is the text of Edward Pelham's tract, London, From the Edition of Annotated and Edited by Bolton Corney , M. The title-page begins: The last East-Indian voyage.

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The appendix includes commissions, letters of James I addressed to foreign rulers, and other documents. For a second edition, see Second Series 88 below. Russia at the Close of the Sixteenth Century.

Gender-based violence in the world of work : overview and selected annotated bibliography

Edited by Edward A. Pages cxxxiv, The first is a reprint of the London, , edition; the second relates to the late sixteenth century. With additional documents descriptive of Russia and the missions of the two writers. Shewing his Travels in America, from A. Smyth , K.

Text originally published at Venice, India in the Fifteenth Century. Edited, with an introduction, by R.

The Hakluyt Society - bibliography - First Series Part I, Numbers 1 to 50

Pages xc, 49, 39, 32, 10, [ 8 ]. By Samuel Champlain. Edited by Norton Shaw. Text written c. Expeditions into the Valley of the Amazons, , , Translated and Edited, with Notes, by Clements R. Markham , F. Edited, with an Introduction, by R. From Spanish and Dutch sources and relating to Spanish and Dutch enterprises. A separate pamphlet dated and containing an article by Major on the discovery of Australia by the Portuguese in , reprinted from Archaeologia , 38, , was distributed 'for insertion as a Supplement' to HS Collected, partly Translated, and Annotated, with an Introduction, by G.

Asher , LL. By William Bollaert , Esq. With an Introduction by Clements R. From the Spanish text, published at Cuenca, Author of "Cuzco and Lima". Includes accounts of travel in Europe and Peru. Pages iv, viii, Mirabilia Descripta. Pages 4 , 8 , iv, xvii, Pages 4 , 12 , xvi, lvii, From the Antwerp edition. Continued from another source in First Series 68 below.

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Written by the Adelantado Pascual de Andagoya. Henry E. Revised edition, Second Series 44, 49 below. Cathay and the Way Thither.

Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China. Translated and Edited by Colonel Henry Yule , Containing the travels of Friar Odoric of Pordenone, , and letters and reports from missionary friars from Cathay and India, , in English translation. With a list of 'illustrations from drawings by the author'. This and the following item have continuous main pagination. Cathay and the way thither.

For a revised version of the whole work, see Second Series 33, 37, 38, 41 below. With Edward Sellman's account of the third voyage, and a list of artefacts from Frobisher encampments, etc, found by C. Hall and deposited with the Royal Geographical Society. The additional documents relate to numerous aspects of the financing and fitting out of the expedition. According to the British Museum date stamp, despite the stated publication date, actual publication did not occur until By Antonio De Morga.

By the Hon. From a transcription of the Mexico edition. The appendix includes a brief continuation of the history of the Philippines to , particularly with regard to government and commerce. Revised edition, Second Series below. Pages 3 , xvi, The letter is dated Pages xi, From the Lisbon edition. Continued in First Series 45 below. From the Lendas da India of Gaspar Correa. Accompanied by Original Documents. Translated from the Portuguese, with Notes and an Introduction, by the Hon. The additional documents, mainly letters and reports to the king of Portugal, are in Portuguese.

Second Edition. A revised translation of the documents in no. Froude's strictures on the earlier edition in the Westminster Review and in his Short Studies on Great Subjects , vol.

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First Part of the Royal Commentaries of the Yncas Markham , C. Pages Continued from 41 above. Translated and Edited by Richard Henry Major , With the fifteenth-century French text. The supplementary material consists of the and annual reports. Reports on the Discovery of Peru. Report of Miguel de Astete on the Expedition to Pachacamac. Probably solitary, but, where common, small aggregations are likely to occur during breeding season.

One nest found in Jun Movements Sedentary. Single records from modern-day N Chile in and were previously considered to Status and conservation Not globally threatened Least Concern. Very limited range, so total numbers are likely to be relatively small, but species may be fairly frequent in N of range. Species was Bibliography Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. Public comments No comments yet Only members are able to post public comments. To make the most of all of HBW's features, discover our subscriptions now!

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Peruvian Thick-knee Burhinus superciliaris. In: del Hoyo, J. Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive.