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At Khan Academy, she helps the marketing team spread the word that anyone can learn anything. Outside of work, you can find her climbing rocks or attempting to surf. Danielle is a Product Analyst at Khan Academy. She uses data to help people make better decisions for our learners. When not puzzling over analytical questions, Danielle enjoys reading, writing, and cooking.

On the weekends you can usually find her playing outside: scuba diving, snowboarding, ATVing, or camping with her husband and cat. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sujata comes to Khan Academy after many years developing and managing software initiatives in fintech. Outside of work you will find her at local famers markets or hiking one of the many glorious Bay Area trails! Paul joined Khan Academy in to lead DevOps and to ensure that the site runs really well and learners can count on it being available to them. Prior to Khan Academy, Paul lead the building of many Enterprise applications and managed Cloud initiatives and technology at companies such as Intuit and Novell.

When not working with computers he pursues his passion of Squash, Windsurfing and flying Paramotors. Bharath joined Khan Academy in and heads the localisation efforts in India. Mita is excited to join the engineering team at Khan Academy where she will focus on tools, infrastructure, automation and quality. Mita is passionate about education and in her spare time likes to teach young children to code.

Mita loves to cook only gourmet and preferably desserts! Tom leads the Humanities Content team at Khan Academy, serving learners of history, English, government and politics, and more! In his extra-Khan time, Tom enjoys spending time with his kids, playing guitar, running, cycling, and thinking about how it would be fun to write a novel one day.

He's been building software of one sort or another for over 20 years. When he's not reading about the latest trends in computing he spends his time with his wife, snowboarding, or running. Ghis dreams that all Peruvian students use Khan Academy to access a better world-class education. Therefore, she works building alliances with the public and private sector, encouraging schools to use the platform as a useful tool for teachers.

Mark has always enjoyed learning, teaching and empowering others. Mark is the creator of Factory Boy, a popular testing framework for Python, and has been published by the American Institute of Physics. Miguel loves solving problems and writing software while listening to music. He also loves contributing to Open Source and spends a good amount of time trying to improve the JavaScript landscape.

When he is not writing code he is probably building or flying drones, BBQing, or watching Netflix. Neha loves to learn new things and teach everyone. When she is not nerding out on her laptop, she can be found reading, or baking or gardening. Jordan knows that people want to change the world. She heads up Community Giving so that more people can be part of our collective effort to provide a world class education for anyone, anywhere. Prior to joining Khan Academy she was saving the world in a variety of ways and roles at The Nature Conservancy.

She also has faint memories of years in public relations and communications for technology companies. Russell believes that good software can change lives. He strives to make his work fun to use and accessible to all. When not coding, he likes to go on trips and take many out of focus pictures. He's been building software and tooling, managing software engineer team many years. They are pleased as punch to be able to give back to this community.

Andrew started making websites during the Flash and guestbook craze of the early 's and hasn't stopped since. In spite of those trying beginnings, today they focus on full stack development with a passion for making the web a better place. In the off hours, they enjoy Broadway shows, reading, and playing games of both the board and video variety. Warren is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and tinkerer.

He loves building things, tending to rare succulents, and spending time with his family. Before joining Khan Academy, he helped lead design on projects at Vox Media, co-founded a non-profit newspaper, and built a civic startup called City2. Jesse began making websites during the days of tables and Flash.

He then moved from the front-end to more full-stack roles with a focus on functional programming, containers, and accessibility. Lilli is a Senior Software Engineer, maker, and artist. In her free time, she's often playing on her phone, making something new, or taking her art installations on tour around the west coast and the world. Stephanie creates and runs in-school programs for teachers and students to enjoy. In a previous life, she taught high school, did some management consulting and now is happy to blend those two roles here at Khan Academy.

As a fierce weekend warrior, when she is not at Khan Academy, you'll find her on the side of a cliff, trying something new or driving to her next adventure. Kat believes in education as a means to a better world. After earning her B. Having both taught in the classroom and worked in textbook publishing, she's delighted to be part of Khan's effort to bring innovative learning to students around the world.

Kat also believes travel is a means to a broader education and frequently embarks on trips with her family, who occupy the other half of her time! Jason is a full-stack web developer working on the learning platform team at Khan Academy. Before joining he spent his time building websites and mobile apps for Mobify and TripAdvisor.

Lecture I - Beauty and Truth in Mathematics and Science

When he's not at his computer he can be found in the great outdoors rock climbing, skiing, or hiking. Boris is a python developer on the infrastructure team. Passionate about education, he also teaches at a coding bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada. When he's not coding, he spends time bike touring, rock climbing, exploring new documentaries, and playing bad music to experiment with his audience. Anna is proud to work with a community of international volunteers and nonprofit organizations who translate and localize educational content to accelerate Khan Academy's mission of a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Anna held various product, program, and operations roles in the human rights, environmental, and global literacy programs at Benetech, and software consulting and data analysis roles at Manugistics. Anna received a B. When not working, Anna enjoys many types of music and dance, and spending time near the ocean whenever possible! Jason joined Khan Academy in and loves working with talented, fun people solving important problems that have positive impact for customers. Jason built Intuit's QuickBooks, has experience building startups and recently lead front-end engineering at Financial Engines.

Away from work you can find Jason playing tennis, golf, ultimate frisbee, and hanging out with his family. Ankita is a big believer in living with a healthy disregard for the impossible, and has always sought high-impact roles. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Ankita worked in various Silicon Valley startups and big-tech companies, was a product fellow at Kleiner Perkins, and spent several years in management consulting.

She holds a B. Susan loves working with others to turn visions into reality. Before joining Khan Academy, Susan helped shape new product concepts and technologies at Amazon Lab Outside of work, she enjoys running local trails, hiking near the coast, consuming poetry, and editing photos on her smartphone.

She believes in the future. Adam has taught science to high school students and teachers in Cameroon, to college students at Colgate University, and to students all over the world as a curriculum designer and manager at IXL Learning. He earned his Masters degree while studying how DNA methylation affects the structure and function of chromatin, and his Doctoral degree while investigating the ecological and genetic consequences of polyploidy in flowering plants.

Hung has more than 17 years of experience in software quality assurance.

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Passionate and dedicated to releasing quality products, he is super excited to be part of Khan Academy and help give back to the community. Outside of work, Hung enjoys spending time with his first baby boy and family, followed by running, cycling and sipping on a cup of Philz coffee. In high school, he enjoyed learning on Khan Academy much more than he did in school, so he would like every student with a smartphone to be able to bring Khan Academy to their classroom. Nada is passionate about education since she was TAing for computer science classes during college.

After completing her internship at Khan Academy, Nada was eager to continue working with an incredible team that wants to provide free, world-class education to everyone, everywhere. Ann loves working on teams to create impactful, beneficial web apps. Once a small-town farm girl, Ann now lives in a big, colorful city with her teenage daughter and partner. Her interests include music, literature, art, psychology and culture.

She likes learning about all kinds of things. Erik loves technology, learning new things, and solving problems. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Erik was a Tech Lead and Engineering Manager at Morningstar where he helped build a retirement product that helped people reach their financial goals. Pragya joined Khan Academy in and focuses on Automation and Quality. Prior to KA, she worked at VMware. Kathy is excited to work at a place that is re-imagining education.

Ruslan is an automation engineer in the Quality Engineering team. Passionate about machine learning, blockchain and web developing. Matt has a lifelong passion for learning and education. His last gig before Khan Academy was at Ithaka, a not for profit serving academic institutions and researchers. Juan works on the Frontend infrastructure team. Passionate about Design systems, tooling and web performance. When not coding, he likes biking, playing soccer and hanging out with his family.

Angelo is a frontend focused engineer that is passionate about delivering awesome products that truly benefit users.

Mathematical Games and Pastimes: Popular Lectures in Mathematics

Outside of the office, you may find Angelo transmitting on Amateur Radio frequencies KK6LDH , letting magic smoke out of electronics, futzing with his cars, or off in the mountains camping. Adam is a software developer with a passion for building useful and understandable user experiences. As the daughter of a mad scientist, Six feels it's her mission to bring order to chaos while spreading fun. A long time Silicon Valley veteran, she's worked at diverse companies from Apple to Napster. In her spare time, Six enjoys writing science fiction, making video games, and writing short autobiographies in the third person.

Gerald has 24 years of Software Quality Assurance testing experience with strong leadership, analytical, reporting, problem solving, and organizational skills. Liz is a backend developer with previous experience working on large scale products at AWS. She's passionate about learning and excited to join the Learning Platform team at Khan Academy. In her spare time Liz does search and rescue with King County, paints, and attempts to keep up with her massive backlog of books to read.

Cat has a degree in Psychology, and taught ESL in South Korea and worked in Special Education before beginning to study software engineering as a hobby. Working at Khan Academy allows her to develop her passion for software and continuous learning while still giving back to students.

Rachel is a backend engineer working on the Content Platform team. She loves coding and is thrilled that she gets to do it as her job. Dave is a backend engineer working on the infrastructure team. He's an advocate of high quality comprehensive code. In his free time, you can usually find Dave playing with his kids, reading a book, watching a movie, playing video games, or cooking. Possibly all at the same time. Steve is a full stack developer working on the districts and rostering team. He brings an infectious enthusiasm, a commitment to continual learning, an empathic orientation, and a breadth of technical experience.

He strives to make a safe, accessible environment, where everyone is appreciated for their contributions and can reach their full potential. Since building software is an inherently communicative art, he strongly believes sprinkling in bad puns makes for better software [citation needed]. Bo accompanies Katherine to the office, where his responsibilities are extensive. He oversees lunch room cleanliness and personally ensures no food scraps are left on the floor.

He also believes that the best innovations happen when employees are pushed out of their comfort zone, which he implements by jumping in their laps, licking their ankles, and surprising them with joyful barks. Bo models the effectiveness of power naps by laying down in the middle of whichever hallway is most convenient for him , providing opportunities for employees to seek new and exciting ways to navigate the office.

Usually, one look from her puppy dog eyes is all it takes to bring out the joy. She spends her breaks napping in or jumping into laps, snacking on carrots, broccoli, and cheese, or playing with Chief Mischief Officer Bo. Outside of work, she finds happiness on motorcycle rides with Adam that end at new parks or hiking trails.

This is Thor. During his career as a professional athlete, he ran 82 races - placing 1st in 13 and 2nd in He's thoroughly enjoying retirement and volunteering every Friday at Khan Academy. During the week you can find her underneath the desk of our Video Manager, kindly accepting belly scratches and giving hi-fives in return. Shadow works with Nick at Khan Academy as a purr programmer.

Shadow also ensures sustainable working practices through investing in breaks that involve lots of petting or playing a game of chase the laser. Shadow models excellent sustainable behavior by thinking through hard problems with a good nap followed by a casual stroll around the house. As the Official Treat Tester, Alfie takes pride in making sure that each treat is high quality and tasty. He even tests each treat several times before giving them the stamp of approval.

A Brief History of Sports

Alfie also likes to check in with his teammates and go on walks to get exercise during the workday. When Alfie is not in the office, he is making new friends, going on hikes, enjoying time in his backyard, and snoozing. She loves napping and belly rubs. Jasper facilitates a culture of open, continuous feedback on whether he has received enough pets and attention today he has not. He's passionately committed to the Khan Academy mission of providing free, world-class snuggles to anyone, anywhere.

His hobbies include napping in the sunshine, playing fetch, and experimenting with living room parkour. These are Nora and Astra. When not extensively nap-testing space under the bed or atop the cat tree, Shaun prefers one-on-one time for extensive physical therapy primarily focused on the belly and ears. Shaun also likes to use his paws to provide arm with just enough claws to get attention.

Shaun would like you to know, that chair is his. Barry ensures that important operational tasks are not forgotten, including but not limited to treat distribution, water fulfillment, and occupational therapy time.

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He also makes it a priority to check for cable manufacturing flaws through extensive chew tests, requesting that Jeff practice his sofa fort building, and overseeing all kitchen operations from his favourite stool. In his spare time, he likes to chase strings and beg for snacks. A stoic fella in his older years, he will gladly welcome pets from anyone, any time, hardly moving an inch from wherever he may be lazing, and never, ever scratching or biting.

Possessed of inexhaustible energy, she always wants to explore, encouraging our learners and her reports to push themselves to discover new things and places. In addition to running through the woods, exploring D. She would love to meet you. Bell, affectionately known as Fatty T from her benign fatty tumor growing on her neck , is a tiny beagle with a big heart.

She loves being pet behind the ears, on her tummy, and would love it if her human would stay in bed all day because she'd prefer to live her life under the covers, snuggling. During the day, she can be found co-working in her human's office, wearing a hole in her pad with her tiny paws. This cat is the worst. That's how she got her title. Because she's literally the worst. When not stepping on her human's keyboard while he works or chewing on expensive computer cables, she's finding odd places in the house to sleep. Her arch nemisis is the dog known as 'Bell'. She has two times of the day that she particularly loves: 'Foot petting time' and 'Baby time' when her human holders her like a baby and she purrs.

Khan Academy has also received the time, energy, and expertise of many past team members , volunteers, and part-time contributors. John Principal Architect John designs and builds the frontend architecture, and infrastructure, of Khan Academy. Craig Dean of Infrastructure Craig is focused on the infrastructure that supports Khan Academy, from its databases to its developer tools. Kitt Designer Kitt uses a simple design process: 1 Travel to the future. He's done time at Pixar, Disney Animation, and as a Hollywood peon. Pamela Computing Content Creator Pamela was born to a duo of Computer Scientists who told her that she could learn programming without their help, thanks to the internet.

Mia Strategic Partnerships Lead Mia works with a wide variety of organizations to create and launch new and exciting content on Khan Academy. Colin Software Engineer Colin is a biologist turned data engineer who loves using data to tackle challenging problems, loves singing, and loves eating beets. Previously, May-Li invented future user interfaces at Apple. Nick Senior Financial Analyst Nick regularly sits down with the finance team to make sure that the financial numbers stay classy. Kevin Software Engineer Kevin is passionate about math, computing science, and education in general.

Kevin Software Engineer Kevin has been developing and managing software projects for a long time, most recently at Adobe and Mozilla. Leo Senior Design Manager Leo is a product designer and manager that enjoys organizing messy things. Anju Product Manager Anju spends her days working cross-functionally with devs, designers, partners, teachers and learners to help shape and build a fantastic product.

This should be fun. Kim Senior Humanities Content Creator Kim gets away with spending her entire life telling ghost stories by calling it "history. Her favorite things are tomatoes, cats, and Abraham Lincoln, not necessarily in that order. Bryan Software Engineer Bryan works on Khan Academy's mobile apps, and loves pixel-nudging them until they're perfect! Sean Software Engineer Sean's ridiculously excited to be working on education technology.

Ben 5 Data Scientist Ben thinks that education is a great tool to empower people. Irene Sr. International Market Manager After living abroad for many years, Irene works on growing Khan Academy's international markets. Muneerah Head of Philanthropy Muneerah has worked for over 20 years in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Angela Junior Accountant Angela is responsible for day-to-day financial transactions, ensuring that the bills get paid and accounting for all the dollars and cents. Lindsay Senior Math Content Creator Lindsay studied Nonprofit Administration at the University of Notre Dame and sees her role with Khan Academy as the perfect marriage of her two professional passions: math education and the not-for-profit sector.

Tina Financial Controller Tina is responsible for making sure that all the numbers go into the right buckets and that the number trains are operating on schedule. Caroline Content Project Manager Caroline likes making everything as efficient, effective, and equitable as possible. Lizzie Community Giving Manager Lizzie works on the Philanthropy team as the manager of community giving.

Nicholas Mobile Engineer Nick takes ideas and turns them into code. He works at Khan Academy on mobile projects. Nick Software Engineer Nick is super excited to be working with the great folks at Khan Academy to improve education for everyone, everywhere. Laurie Community Support Manager Laurie is a nerd for online communities, and at Khan Academy gets to work with one of the internet's finest.

Anthony IT Administrator Anthony supports the staff at Khan Academy ensuring the technology is up to date and working reliably. Michael Software Engineer Michael has joined Khan Academy after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to video games. He likes dodging trees and sharks while mountain biking and scuba diving, respectively.

Hannah Software Engineer Hannah fell in love with Khan Academy while developing an introductory computer science curriculum for middle school students. Her favorite activities include baking and biking. Dave Leader of District Partnerships Dave leads a team focused on managing partnerships with school districts across the United States to support teachers and improve student outcomes.

Diedra Software Engineer Diedra is a former artist that's excited to be helping develop the future of education. Nick Product Manager Nick's working on new tools that support teachers and classrooms. A fan of wordplay and creativity, Nick is interested in inventing new interfaces for expression. Harsha Product Manager Harsha Dronamraju joined Khan Academy because he believes solutions to the world's toughest problems could be locked in the mind of a student without access to a high quality education. Aasmund Software Engineer Aasmund is a geek of all trades who grew up in Norway where winter isn't only coming, it's been there all the time.

Odelia Junior Accountant Odelia is super excited to be part of the Finance Team to help make sure all transactions, big and small, are accounted for accurately. Sanyukta Designer Sanyukta is a designer who is excited to work on products that bring the world forward. Lauren Growth Marketing Manager Lauren leads marketing initiatives to spread the word about Khan Academy to people around the world.

Alice Software Engineering Fellow Alice is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning and quality education for all. Tatiana Designer Tatiana is at her happiest with her work when she can empower people to discover their potential. Ruchira Software Engineer Fellow Ruchira is excited about working on products that provide accessible and high quality education to millions around the world.

Nancy VP Consumer Marketing Nancy heads up the effort of figuring out "how do we make students aware of Khan Academy's excellent stuff? David Software Engineer David is a problem solver and an optimizer. He is always looking for alternate routes to take. Cora Software Engineer Cora took a long and fruitful detour through the study of music and culture with a side of data science before returning to their roots coding in Python.

Marta VP of Engineering Marta leads the engineering team in building learning experiences that provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Tracee Community Support Associate Having used Khan Academy for years as a learner and a coach, Tracee has joined the team to support and advocate for educators. Tomer Math Content Fellow Tomer loves being a part of Khan Academy's mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Amanda Brazil Content Manager Amanda believes that education is the key to a better future for her country. Jason Director of School Partnerships Jason was a former classroom teacher and technology coordinator.

Kelli Director of Efficacy and Research Kelli is a researcher who is passionate about solving problems by gathering and analyzing data. Austin Product Analyst Austin's self-stated life goal is to learn everything about everything. Jeff Software Engineer Jeff has been developing software since he was ten with breaks for food, sleep, etc. Brian Director of U.

Diana Senior Product Manager Diana works with engineering and design to build out Khan Academy's content creation platform. Kirsten Senior Social Media Marketing Manager Kirsten is a digital communications whiz with eight years experience in non-profit and corporate roles. Allison Philanthropy Manager Allison works closely with colleagues across the organization to secure and manage the funding that allows Khan Academy to reach learners across the globe. Jacob Designer Jacob is a designer with a background in interactive design and illustration.

Libby Marketing Data Analyst Libby enjoys transforming complicated data into actionable insights. Sujata Senior Engineering Manager Sujata comes to Khan Academy after many years developing and managing software initiatives in fintech. Paul Director of Engineering Paul joined Khan Academy in to lead DevOps and to ensure that the site runs really well and learners can count on it being available to them.

Mita Senior QA Engineer Mita is excited to join the engineering team at Khan Academy where she will focus on tools, infrastructure, automation and quality. Mark Senior Software Engineer Mark has always enjoyed learning, teaching and empowering others. When not at his computer, you will often find Mark hiking, biking or climbing. Miguel Senior Software Engineer Miguel loves solving problems and writing software while listening to music.

Neha Senior Software Engineer Neha loves to learn new things and teach everyone. Jordan Head of Community Giving Jordan knows that people want to change the world. Russell Software Engineer Russell believes that good software can change lives. When not coding, Kai spends his time with family, movies, hiking or exercise. When not coding, Jordan can be found flailing about gracelessly in a Vive VR headset.

Andrew Software Engineer Andrew started making websites during the Flash and guestbook craze of the early 's and hasn't stopped since.